Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Buy Mobile Phones At Half Their Prices

Mobile phones are increasingly in demand in the current economic scenario. Who can live without a mobile phone? This is something that is an accepted fact in today’s ecosystem. Alongside, mobile phones have expanded to represent diverse forms and functions. Mobile phones are not just devices of communication nowadays. They are devices that take into account leisure, recreation, information, education, lifestyle, entertainment and personal communication of users. The entry of smartphones into the Indian mobile phone market has sparked this evolution of mobile phones. People can now make do without computers but not without their smartphones.

Along with the steady demise of solid feature phones, smartphones have also sparked a rapid change in the mindset of the Indian consumer. People now want the best features without any compromises. Features and specifications have to be top notch in all cases. However, the Indian consumer market also has another strange feature in place: customers want the best mix of features and facilities at the lowest possible price. Reconciling price and feature based aspirations is often a problem for mobile phone manufacturers.

New smartphones are substantially expensive and out of reach for a majority of the working population in major Indian cities. There are various local companies who manufacture smartphones for a pittance. However, people are no longer satisfied with cheap local versions of premium smartphones. They want nothing but the top brands at the lowest possible prices. Does this sound impossible? The used mobile phone market offers cutting edge mobile phones at half their prices!

Where do you find used mobile phones at such fabulous prices? These phones can only be found on online mobile phone classifieds portals. Do these portals really help? They contain loads of posted advertisements from used mobile phone sellers. You have to go through these posted advertisements and look for the ones matching your budget and your needs. Once you have selected a few advertisements, you have to scan them carefully for contact details of sellers. If contact details are present, you can use them to call up these sellers directly. While talking to the seller, you can negotiate your prices further and get additional savings.

Online classifieds portals can help you land quality used mobile phones at unbeatable prices. Alongside, you can also post your own advertisements stating your needs and requirements. Be sure to include your desired features, budget range and desired phone company in your advertisement. Last but not the least; never forget to include your own contact details in this advertisement. Once this is posted for free, you can expect to get quick results without any hassles.

You can expect prompt replies to your advertisements and queries from used mobile phone sellers. Use online classifieds portals properly to reap the benefits with elan. View advertisements, talk to sellers or post your own advertisement, it is all possible with these portals. The best part is that you do not have to pay a single penny for all these services. Buy mobile phones at half their original prices with online classifieds!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top iPhone Accessories That You Must Own

IPhones are the most expensive phones in the market and they need the protection that they deserve. IPhones have security features built into them like anti-viruses etc. However, they need additional protection when it comes to the physical body of the phone. Like the phone, these accessories are also quite expensive and are available at select stores and outlets. Nevertheless, they are essential to keep the phone from getting damaged.

Some of the accessories needed for your iPhone have been discussed below:
  • Elago Apple iPhone Premium Privacy Protection Film is relatively inexpensive and will keep your display protected along with the contents being displayed on the screen. Unless viewed from a straight angle, one cannot see what is being displayed on the phone’s screen. This guarantees protection for the contents on the phone. It also protects the phone from scratches and blemishes. It is available in different colours.
  • Incipio Feather Case- Made of polymer quality plastic which is less than 1mm thick; it is an effective back cover for your phone. It is compact and slim and hence makes your phone slip in and out of your pocket effortlessly unlike silicone back covers which turn out everything from your pocket which you take your phone out.
  • iHome iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers- Often, you do not want to listen to music on your headphones. Listening to music over headphones for long can give you a head ache not to mention damage the fine fibres present in the ear for transmission of sound. These mini speakers do not sound as good as home theatre systems, but they are quite good for personal listening. These mini speakers have magnets attached to their base which makes the pair stick to one another hence packing them in your purse is a cinch. When you are out and want to listen to music, you can simply pull them apart, expand them and plug them to your iPhone. To listen to music, you can switch them on. If they appear to be low on power, simply plug them to a laptop of PC with a USB cable. You can use these speakers while charging them.
  • Motorola MotoROKR Bluetooth Headset- This wireless headset operational through Bluetooth is exactly what you need when you want to listen to sounds of home theatre quality. They are the perfect accompaniment for watching movies and videos on your iPhone. The volume control is on the ear piece, which goes around the back of your head. A button to receive phone calls is also provided on it. 
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air- For active users of iPhones, power may become a problem. Removing batteries from an iPhone is not an easy option which is why owning the mophie Juice Pack Air is essential. It has a rechargeable battery built into a very thin case. This battery almost doubles the battery of the iPhone and hence you will never run out of power.
Mobile Phone Accessories
iPhone Accessories

You can now locate authorised sellers or owners of such products looking to sell them by logging on the mobile accessories section of online classifieds.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Must Have Accessories For Your Smart Phone

Even though they are wonderful, smart phones need other accessories to prop up their services. Some of these accessories come with smart phones while you might have to buy the rest separately. These accessories are quite inexpensive and they are available easily. They are quite essential for the smooth functioning of your smart phone

  1. Headsets- These are essential to make the music and audio functions of your smart phones work. Some smart phones do not have the wireless feature of radios and you will have to use a head set with it. Usually a pair of headphones is provided with cell phones. Some of them are customized for the phone while the others can be plugged into a melange of devices. The headphones that come with 3.5mm jack can be used with models that have this particular slot built into them. Not only can you use these devices to listen to music on your phone but you can also use them to make and receive phone calls while you are driving on the road. There are several types of headsets available in the market but they can be broadly categorised in the following way.
    • Ear Bud headsets- These headsets are usually wired with two ear buds at the two ends. The ear buds may be shaped differently- they may simply sit on the ears or go inside the ear canal. They are quite easy to use and highly portable as you can coil the wire up and pack it in your purse. They are quite inexpensive and available in different  colours.
    • Boom headsets- These kinds of headsets usually go behind your ear. They can be wireless or wired, depending on their make. Their sound quality is much superior compared to the ear bud headsets. They may be operated using Bluetooth, depending on their specification. Usually the earpieces on these headsets are larger which is why they are difficult to pack. Boom heads have a separate mouth piece while the ear bud headsets have an integrated mouth piece into the device. The Bluetooth headsets are operated using battery and they can be used for 5 hours if they are fully charged.
  2. Additional Battery- Batteries of smart phones discharge quite rapidly because of excessive usage of applications. If you use every feature of the phone, then you will have to charge the phone at least once in a day. When you are outside and do not find the scope to charge your phone, it would be a good idea to carry a spare battery with you that you can snap on when the phone is low on battery.
  3. Protective cover- Smart phones are prone to getting scratched and bruised easily because they are made quite delicately. Therefore, you should invest in a good cover for your cell phone. They are available in different designs such as faceplates, skins etc. and in different colours. They are relatively inexpensive which is why you should invest in them for your phone’s protection.

You can now locate a dealer near your residence of such accessories for phones by logging onto online classifieds websites. Free classifieds are listed which would provide you with information about various dealers.

Friday, January 10, 2014

What Should You Check Before Buying A New Mobile?

With the availability of different kinds of cell phones in the market, making a choice is becoming increasingly difficult. Every month 10-15 different kinds of cell phone models are launched in the market and each seems to be a clone of the other in terms of appearance and features. Therefore, you need to perform careful research before buying a cell phone for yourself. You need to consider the make of the phone, the operating system, the features on offer etc. With so much work to do at hand, it’s best you form an algorithm for what to do!

  1. Make a list of all the features that you want in a cell phone along with the budget. Once you have done this, there would be no problems narrowing down the list of options. 
  2. Once you have formed your list, check for the phones that match the criteria specified. When you have decided the models that match your list of buy mobiles, you can start researching into their performance. Compare among the different models shortlisted on e-commerce websites. Going through the reviews mentioned on the websites along with testimonies from your friends and relatives will be quite helpful in coming to a conclusion.
  3. Don’t head out one day to buy the phone. Visit 3-4 showrooms to get quotations. Even if you are visiting an authorised dealer, you might get a different price quotation. You might also note that the quotations that you have obtained are higher than the ones offered by e-commerce websites. In that case, it would be better to buy the mobile from the website although with the risk of faulty goods being delivered to you as you won’t be able to check them before buying.
    Buy Mobile Phone Online
    Smart Phones
  4. Once you are at the store, you should check the keypad of the phone along with the buttons along the side of the phone for controlling volume. Check the sim card and battery slots.
  5. After checking the physical features of the phone, you should insert your SIM card or ask the salesman to insert a spare SIM card and call up a friend. You should note whether you were hearing a whirring noise or if the call dropped midway. Ask for feedback from your friend about the call made.
  6. If the phone comes with headphones, you should test them in the store by playing the radio. Listen to the clarity of the sound.

Before leaving the store, make sure you have been provided the warranty and correct bill for the phone otherwise you cannot get the phone serviced in case of damages. Before you start using the phone for long, it would be good to buy some accessories for it. Your cell phone should have a cover (depending on the type of phone you have bought), a screen guard especially in case of a touch screen phone and finally a spare battery for emergency.

You can now locate an authorised dealer of cell phones near your locality by browsing through online classifieds websites.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Essential Accessories For Any Smart Phones

Smart phones, though useful, need a whole ensemble of items to support their functioning. The numbers of accessories available in the market are numerous and you need to decide which is useful for you. Some of these accessories help to improve the performance of your handset or increase its longevity while the rest help to improve its appearance. These accessories do not cost much which is why everyone can buy them.

Below discussed are the top 3 accessories that any cell phone user requires to keep their cell phone from getting damaged or enhancing their performance.

Chargers- Every cell phone comes with a charger. However, smartphones have a lot of features which consume a lot of power from a cell. If games are played on a smartphone, calls are made and messaging services are used, then the battery of a smart phone won’t last more than 15-16 hours. Hence, you need to carry a charger with you at all times of the day. There are several types of chargers, apart from the one that comes in a package and you can buy any of them.
  • Car Charger- These kinds of chargers need to be plugged to a car’s accessory or cigarette lighter socket. These are very useful for professionals always on the road. These are available in 3 different varieties- rapid, trickle and fast and they differ in their charging speed.
  • USB Charger- These is essentially a data cable that you insert into your phone and then plug it to a laptop or PC. The phone will be charged through power drawn from the computer.
  • Emergency Charger- These chargers are not used to completely charge a phone. If your phone is low on power to make a phone call, then these will provide the needed power to make a phone call for a few minutes. They usually work on AAA batteries.

Protective covers or cases
- Smartphones usually have their display units made of very thin glass to increase the sensitivity of the device. However, these glasses are prone to breaking at the slightest rough handling. Therefore, you need protective cases for your phones.
  • Faceplate- These mobile covers come with snap top covers for the phone’s screens. These protect both the screen and the back cover and are quite compact and stylish. You can buy them in a variety of colours.
  • Skins- These are usually snapped on the back covers of phones. They protect the phone and can be used to stylise the phone as they are available in a variety of colours and are easy to replace.
  • Pouches- Relatively inexpensive and colourful, these covers are quite easily available and protect the phone from dust, rough handling, water spillage etc.

Memory Cards- Even though smartphones have built in storage memories, they are insufficient when it comes to storing data files and applications. Most smart phones have the option of expansive storage with an additional slot for a memory card.

San Disk Corporation was the first company to come out with microSD cards which were fitted into cell phones. These now come in 2 varieties- microSDHC which has the capacity of storing 32GB of data files and microSDXC which can store up to 2TB of files on it!

These accessories are relatively inexpensive which is why you can easily afford them. However, if you are low on budget, you can always buy a used mobile accessory by logging on to an online classifieds website.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Selling Your Old Mobile Phone For A Profit

Are you drooling over the newly launched iPhone 5S? Do you want to trade it for your old iPhone? Well, you can now cover up to 50% of the cost of your new smart phone by selling your old phone. There are many people who want to use premium quality consumer products but cannot afford them. Hence, they turn to used or pre-owned luxury items because it can be afforded. There is a large market for used cell phones and you can get a good deal on yours.

In order to get a good deal on your cell phone, you need to keep your warranty and billing papers in order. Try to improve the appearance of your phone by removing the stickers that you stuck on the back cover or the colourful back cover guard that you put on. You can also wipe the back cover clean so that the phone appears new. Delete any personal information that you have on the cell phone i.e. contacts list, call logs, audio and video files, pictures, notes etc. If you are a user of an Android phone, then you should also log the email address that you are using to operate the phone.

Selling Old Phones
Selling Old Phones

Once you have cleared your phone of your data, you can take it to a dealer to sell it. However, dealers will charge brokerage to get you in touch with a buyer or they might pay you lesser than what you deserve to get paid. Hence, you can put in an advertisement in the personal classifieds column in the newspaper or you can put up an advertisement on an online classifieds website. You can put up an advertisement for free. You can create an account and enter the particulars of the cell phone viz. make of the model, manufacturer’s name, year of purchase, operating system used in the phone, whether the phone is a dual sim or single sim one. The more details you provide on the advertisement, the better the deals will be for you. Make sure you include a photograph of your cell phone so that the buyer gets a better idea about it and also builds a trust on you.

If you have any peripherals for the phone like Bluetooth headsets, microSD cards, data cables etc. and do not require them, then you should sell them off also as they would fetch your phone a better price. Selling your phone is not as complicated as selling a car which requires the transfer of ownership and a lot of legalities.

You can fetch a very good amount for feature and smart phones if you spend a little on advertising. Instead of signing up for a free advertisement plan, you can go for a paid one, which will show your advertisement at the landing page of search results pertaining to your category. It will help fetch you quality buyers who are genuinely interested in buying the product. The cost of releasing a premium or paid online advertisement is not much and it will not affect the returns that you are getting from the sale much. Log in today!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Popular Windows Phones Within INR 15,000

Everybody owns a smartphone nowadays. These gadgets have helped simplify work, entertainment and communication for most people. The most popular smartphone operating system is the Android which is developed by Google, followed by iOS which is developed by Apple. Windows is ranked the 3rd operating system among cell phones and it is manufactured by Microsoft. Google Android has gained a lot of popularity over Apple and Microsoft because it is open sourced and anyone can use it while manufacturing their phones. Apple too has a large fan following because of the exclusivity it offers.

Microsoft on the other hand has been lagging behind the others because of its limited number of applications and closed source mode. However, with the takeover of Nokia and development of applications, sales of Windows phones are picking up and there are some attractive models available in the under INR 15,000 range.

Nokia Lumia 710 - The phone is empowered by the Windows Mango or 7.5 OS, an internal RAM of 512 MB and Scorpion 1.4 GHz processor. The phone has a rear camera of 5MP that clicks photos of 2592X1944 pixel resolution. It also allows one to click HD videos. The battery provided is a 1300mAh Li-ion one. The internal storage space provided is 8GB.

The phone has a capacitive 3.7 inches touch screen with TFT covering. Priced at Rs 10,999, Nokia Lumia 710 is a viable option to be bought.

Buy Windows Phones
Nokia Lumia 710

HTC 8S - Empowered by Windows 8, the phone has a 4” capacitive LCD touchscreen. The front camera is a VGA one while the rear camera is 5MP. The camera allows you to record HD videos at 2592X 1944 pixels resolution.

The phone has a Krait processor which clocks 1 GHz speed and is dual core by nature. The RAM provided on the phone is 512MB while the internal storage unit is 4GB. The storage can be expanded to 32GB using a microSD card. A Li-Po 1500 mAh battery has been provided on the phone which offers a good talk time.

The cost of the phone is Rs 13,049 which is quite reasonable compared to the features being offered.

Nokia Lumia 610 - The Lumia 610 has a RAM of 256MB and internal storage space of 8GB. The processor is not quite updated (800 MHz Cortex A5 by ARM) although it works perfectly well on the phone. The touchscreen provided is 3.7” in size and is LCD capacitive type with TFT covering. The primary camera has a 5MP resolution and allows you to record HD videos at 2595X1944 pixels resolution. A Li-ion battery of 1300 mAh has been provided.

Priced at Rs 11,390, this phone is empowered by the Windows 7.5 Mango OS.

Even though Windows phones are not the most popular, they do offer good user experience and have fewer problems like hanging and crashing that Android devices often suffer from. You can now buy your HTC Cell phone or Nokia empowered by Windows by locating an authorized dealer of the phone on an online classifieds.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Accessories Meant Exclusively For The iPhone

The iPhone is one of the first smartphones to have been launched in the market. The features offered by the phone are impeccable in terms of the sensitivity of the touch pad, the sound quality of the phone and the recently introduced finger print phone lock. Some of these aspects have been duplicated by other cell phone manufacturing companies.

Even though the iPhone is a holistic device in itself, there are some accessories available in the market that would enhance the usage of the iPhone.

Some such accessories for iPhones have been discussed below:

iHome iP9BR Clock Radio - Most phones have the alarm feature built into them. However, cell phone alarms are startling and can give a headache when you are just waking up. The iHome iP9BR Clock Radio not only plays the local radio stations but also acts as a charger for your iPhone and an alarm clock. You can set the alarm at a particular time and place your iPhone in it and go to sleep. The alarm will ring to your favourite song or radio station or the iPhone alarm tune. You can put it into the snooze mode for as many times as you want to. When you finally wake up and switch the alarm off, it goes off for the day only to reactivate at night for the next day. The device has got 8 brightness modes with the brightest shining light all over your room and the dimmest being completely dark. A remote control has been provided with the iHome iP9BR Clock radio so that you can operate the device from your bed. The Clock radio has its own battery back-up and hence it will continue to work even if the power goes out.

iHome iP9BR Clock Radio

If you like going to sleep listening to a particular song or playlist, then you can set the device on that mode which will keep on decreasing the volume of the sound 15 minutes into playing and will completely fade it away by the end of 2 hours.

Motorola MOTOROKR Bluetooth In-car Speaker - Driving while talking on the cell phone is very dangerous and several awareness campaigns have been going on. You can now receive and make calls through your iPhone by pairing it with the Motorola MOTOROKR Bluetooth in-car speaker. You can make the calls through a voice recognition app called Dragon. The Bluetooth in-car speaker allows you to play music on your iPhone through your car’s speaker. When you receive a call, it stops the music and then turns it back on once you are done with the call.

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector - Most people keep important documents on their iPhone for easy referral. If you are sitting idle and want to go over your next presentation, then you can hook up the Optoma Pico Pocket Projector to your iPhone and have an enlarged view of them. The projector works best on a blank surface and a dark room. It can offer enlargement of up to 60 inches. The pocket projector weighs less than 4 ounces and can run for 2 full hours once fully charged.

Since these devices are quite expensive, you might not be able to afford them first hand. You can look for second hand mobile accessories for iPhone on websites dedicated to free classifieds.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Buying Premium Used Mobile Phones

Buying used mobile phones comes with its own pros and cons. Mobile phones are the modern day mainstay as far as most of us are concerned. People can do without basic necessities at times but not their mobile phones. Mobile phones are not just communication enablers; rather, they are also leisure, recreation and entertainment devices. They are also educational and professional tools along with being centres of information and social awareness. In a nutshell, mobile phones empower you with regard to possessing the entire world at your fingertips. This is what has made smartphones extremely popular in all established and emerging markets across the globe.

Smartphones have displaced feature phones all across the world as far as likeability and features are concerned. There is a growing demand for premium smartphones in India. However, most top bracket smartphones come at extremely high prices. This makes them unaffordable for many people in the country. Most people cannot afford these high priced smartphones in spite of a desire to own or possess the same. Buying used mobile phones is the best possible option in this scenario. This enables people to purchase premium mobile phones at almost half their original prices.

Used Smart Phones

You have buy second hand phones from a good source. Here is where online mobile phone classifieds comes in handy. How do these help? These portals are a rich source of advertisements for prospective used mobile phone buyers. There are tons of advertisements to choose from on these classifieds portals. All you need to do is check out all these advertisements and scrutinize the mobiles on offer. You have to scan the advertisements thoroughly and select the ones you feel are suitable to your needs.

Always keep an eye out for any personal details or any other contact information. If there are phone numbers provided, call up sellers directly. This will enable you to get a clear idea about the mobile phone model on offer, the asking prices and other details. Alongside, try to negotiate the prices further. This will help you get a good deal on your mobile phone. These online classifieds portals are a godsend for people looking for premium used mobile phones. There are loads of top end mobile phones from the biggest companies like HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung and Nokia on offer.

You are assured of finding high quality mobile phones in any city in India. You can now find mobile phones in your desired locality, neighbourhood or city area. You can find sellers nearest to you with these classifieds portals. You can go and check out the used mobile phone easily. Always check for any damages and problems that may be hazardous for future usage.

Get hold of all relevant papers and documents. Set your own bottom line price for the mobile phone. This should ideally be a lot lower than the original asking price of the device. Even if the seller scales up from your price, you will still be able to save loads of money on the original asking price.